Pre-Training Rolfing® SI Workshops: Orientation

If you are considering becoming a Rolfer™ you can explore your interest through two different types of pre-training workshops that are open to everyone and offered several times per year.

Exploring your interest in Rolfing® Structural Integration

The pre-training workshops are designed to offer interesting insights into the world of Rolfing® SI, working with fascia and orientation in gravity, while also teaching practical skills. There are two types of pre-training workshops offered that differ in duration and intensity:

  • Orientation: a 15 hour, one weekend workshop.
  • Spectrum Rolfing® : a 13 – 14 day workshop that is offered in both an intensive format (2 weeks) and a modular format (3 times 4 days over several months). See this page for more Information


Rolfing® Ori_DSC1799entation Workshop: 15 hours, one weekend

This weekend pre-training workshop helps you determine whether the Rolfing® Training appeals to you. Experienced teachers provide you with an introduction to theory and practice. During practical demonstrations you can experience the effect of Rolfing® on your own body.

Topics in the Orientation Workshop:


Date Event
07.04.2018 — 08.04.2018
Rolfing® Orientation Austria / Innsbruck   Instructor: Ruth Frömpter
Language: German   Location: Yogakollektiv Innsbruck, Innsbruck
06.10.2018 — 07.10.2018
Rolfing® Orientation Germany / Münster   Instructor: Simone Angermann
Language: German   Location: Rolfing® Angermann, Münster

To register, download the Orientation Registration form 2017-2018.