Pre-Training Rolfing® SI Workshops

If you are considering becoming a Rolfer™ you can explore your interest through two different types of pre-training workshops that are open to everyone and offered several times per year.

Exploring your interest in Rolfing® Structural Integration

The pre-training workshops are designed to offer interesting insights into the world of Rolfing® SI, working with fascia and orientation in gravity, while also teaching practical skills. There are two types of pre-training workshops offered that differ in duration and intensity:

  • Orientation: a 15 hour, one weekend workshop.
  • Spectrum Rolfing® : a 13 – 14 day workshop that is offered in both an intensive format (2 weeks) and a modular format (3 times 4 days over several months).


Rolfing® Ori_DSC1799entation Workshop: 15 hours, one weekend

This weekend pre-training workshop helps you determine whether the Rolfing® Training appeals to you. Experienced teachers provide you with an introduction to theory and practice. During practical demonstrations you can experience the effect of Rolfing® on your own body.

Topics in the Orientation Workshop:

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Spectrum Rolfing® Workshop: Intensive and Modular Formats

The Spectrum Rolfing® pre-training workshop offers…

… an extensive introduction to body work using the Rolfing® method of Structural Integration. The course conveys basic principles of the structure and movement patterns of the human body, of fascial and functional anatomy, and of the manual touch in Rolfing®.

… an excellent inspiration for all body therapists who want to refine and expand their knowledge in the areas structure, movement, and touch.

… valuable insights into the human body and its way of functioning even for participants without a relevant professional background.

Touch NotesHow long is the workshop?

  • The intensive format is offered over a contiguos period of 14 days.
  • The modular format is offered as three modules of 4 days duration, with several weeks between each module.

What material is covered?

  • Both formats consist of three modules that are 4 days long: Movement, Anatomy and Touch.
  • Each module is taught by Faculty member that specializes in the specific topic.
  • Each module covers basic principles, extensive practical work, and culminates with participants exchanging sessions using the material learned under careful instructor supervision.
  • Each participant will receive individual feedback on their knowledge, skills and aptitude for further training in the Rolfing® method of Structural Integration.

Where is it held?

  • For many years Spectrum Rolfing® has been offered in a remote mountain farm in Agatharied / Upper Bavaria.
  • The course is also offered in Munich – in 3 blocks consisting of 4 days each.
  • The days spent together give participants the opportunity to discuss the materials outside the class, to broaden their horizon, and work together.

To register, download the Spectrum Registration