Spectrum Rolfing® Touch 2017

05.10.2017 — 08.10.2017 @ All Day - Registration Form Spectrum 2017 Spectrum_Flyer_2018 Anmeldeformular Spektrum 2017 Spectrum_Flyer Deutsch The course is a 4 days workshop and is taught by a Certified Rolfing® Instructor. Spectrum Rolfing® offers: a comprehensive introduction into the world of bodywork from a Rolfing perspective. It will provide you with new insights in the areas of body structure, movement coordination, 3-dimensional fascial and functional anatomy [...]

Rolfing® Orientation Spain / Pamplona

07.10.2017 — 08.10.2017 @ All Day - More information in Spanish This weekend workshop helps you to understand whether Rolfing and this way of studying and working will suit you. You get the chance to experience what Rolfing really means. Experienced teachers of the Rolfing method will introduce you to the theoretical background of Rolfing and you will also have hte opportunity to [...]