Programme Overview


  Pre-conference workshops
14 – 16 April 2021
Normal Stability. Indicator of Integration.
Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose, 3 Movement Credits
15 / 16 April 2021
Top tips & tricks to deal with challenging symptoms:
An ERA Faculty Caroussel on how to successfully work with acute problems
2 Intermediate Required Credits
  Day 1: Bridging the developmental movement of the embryo with structural pathologies
Christoph Sommer and Konrad Obermeier
  Day 2: How to diagnose fixations related to a potential pathology and how to address them through steps with our work from a manual, functional and psychobiological perspective
Pierpaola Volpones and France Hatt-Arnold
  In Evolution! Online-Conference
17 April 2021
  ERA General Assembly
18 April 2021
  Post-conference workshops
19 – 21 April 2021
The Sacrum – Concepts and Techniques developed and applied from a Volumetric Perspective
Peter Schwind, 3 Intermediate Required Credits
19 – 21 April 2021 Rolfing with The Breath
Lael Katharine Keen, 2 Intermediate Required Credits and 1 Movement Credit

Please note that the programme overview and detailed programme are subject to change.