The European Rolfing® Association e.V. (ERA)

The Association (ERA) is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1991 for the benefit of all Certified Rolfers™ practicing in Europe, we are responsible for the formation of new practitioners, the continuing education and support of our present members, and representing the profession to the European community.

There are three strategic pillars underlying our organization:

  • Development of our Method — Brand and method awareness and recognition by the general public, healthcare organizations and government agencies.
  • Formation in our Method — Three distinct Certification programs for people interested in Rolfing® as a career, as well as further development of our members.
  • Membership Service & Support — Support services and guidance for all members, common European marketing programs, affiliate network of Regional Rolfing® Associations, and Continuing Education for the life-long development of our members.

What we do

We market ourselves to the widest possible European audience and are presently engaged in the following…

  • We actively maintain development, training and scientific co-operation with the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI) and its affiliate organizations.
  • We actively work with our network of Regional Associations to:
    • promote the formal recognition of our method – Structural Integration in individual countries,
    • develop marketing and communication programs that position Rolfing® Structural Integration as a valuable Complementary Discipline within the holistic, preventative and complementary health-fields.
    • deliver materials that can be of direct services to our members throughout Europe.
  • We seek to deliver and maintain the highest quality standards in our formation and continuing education programs, supported by an independent multi-lingual European Faculty;  further, we continuosly seek new ways to deliver these services in new ways to new locations.  This includes offering training in multiple formats and teaching in local languages.
  • We operate for the benefit of our members offering guidance, continuing professional development, common standards of practice and practical advice. The establishment of networking, mentoring and supervision systems to support our members, are measures help us maintain and meet the high standards expected of Rolfing® Structural Integration practitioners by clients worldwide.