Workshop Package 1 – Suzanne Picard & Jonathan Martine

  • Thursday, 8th November – Saturday, 10th November 2018: 3-Day Workshop from 9:00 – 18:00 Hrs
  • Sunday, 11th November – Monday, 12th November 2018: 2-Day Conference Entrance including Membership General Assembly
  • Sunday, 11th November – 20:00 Hrs Evening Dinner and Dance Party!

Jonathan Martine & Suzanne Picard, MFA

Spinal Therapeutics: A Systems Approach to Vitality and Personal Agency,

3 Intermediate Credits

This workshop will integrate axial and appendicular approaches to address spinal challenges blending anatomical understanding and manual approaches with perception and coordination. Topics covered include scoliosis, common spinal dysfunctions-habitual and traumatic- and recovering spinal fluency with session based interventions and home lessons. 


Presentation will include the anatomical, arthrokinematic, coordinative and perceptual underpinnings of spinal movement with detailed overview of the most common patterns and spinal dysfunctions seen regularly in practice.

We will explore

  • Interoceptive and exteroceptive aspects of deep tonic set points, breath, gait and implications for spinal agency during daily activities.
  • Client centered assessment providing clues to the various inhibitions which may restrict vital, comfortable and full movement.
  • Positional Strategies that lead to home based lessons will build connections from client assessments.
  • The home program is an important aspect of expanding kinesthetic awareness, muscle facilitation and endurance, and eventually more full expression of spinal vitality. 

“The sense of agency (SA), or sense of control, is the subjective awareness of initiating, executing, and controlling one’s own volitional actions in the world. It is the pre-reflective awareness or implicit sense that it is I who is executing bodily movement(s) or thinking thoughts.”


Suzanne PicardSuzanne Picard, MFA, has been part of the Rolf Institute Faculty since 1995 as a leader in the Foundations program, and presently acting Chair of the US Rolf Movement Faculty. Her studies include extensive Movement training, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, and Cranial Therapy. Her personal practices include continuum and yoga. Suzanne’s passion is embodied anatomy, perception, and the increased vitality and development that this supports.


Jonathan MartineJonathan Martine was certified as a Rolfer in 1992. He has been an instructor in the Rolf Institute Certification program since 1993 and teaches in Basic and Advanced Trainings as well as Rolf Movement Certification. In addition, he has studied therapies that treat the fascial systems of the viscera, neural, vascular and cranium in order to include these structures in his work. He has studied movement and manual therapies extensively through Rolfing, Physical Therapy, Pilates, Osteopaths and rehabilitative sciences. 


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