In Evolution!

Hybrid Format: live workshops and online conference

The theme of the 2021 Biennial Meeting IN EVOLUTION is a reflection on the need to continue advancing our careers as Rolfers™, while deepening our mastery of the “art” and “science” of our profession.

How do we personally progress from beginner to Certified Advanced Rolfer™ to becoming true Masters of our Art? How does Rolfing® itself develop and advance in a changing world? How can we remain in good health throughout our careers? And how can we promote the health and well-being of our clients? These are all important questions facing us as individuals and as a community.


We found many interesting teachers and speakers to guide us through these questions and present us with new ideas that can help us to deepen our work.

  • Peter Schwind will kick off the conference showing us several adjustments that have been or should be made to the 10-sessions recipe since Ida Rolf created it.
  • Kevin Frank who will talk about the fundamental concept of defining and assessing Integration
  • France Hatt-Arnold will shed new light on the 10-Series including new ways of testing by touch.
  • Thomas Heinrich will bring us to the cutting edge between Rolfing® and psychology.
  • Pierpaola Volpones will address the self-discovery path of the Rolfer®
  • Christoph Sommer and Konrad Obermeier will talk to us about the structural and embryological perspective on pathologies.

From the world of science we will, amongst others, have interesting contributions from Robert Schleip, on fascia and the autonomic nervous system, and Carlo Ventura, showing research results on the effect of touch on the natural vibration of cells.

Embedded in the conference programme, is the ERA General Assembly. All ERA members are welcome to attend and we encourage you to join and learn about new developments while ensuring your voice is included in all discussions to be had. The agenda for the General Assembly will be sent to all ERA members at least six weeks prior to the event. We invite you to contribute to the conference and workshops by bringing your curiosity and experience to Munich next spring!

We look forward to seeing you there!
John, Marcel, Julia, Lisa, Naomi

ERA Board of Directors


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