In March of 2023, I was asked if I was interested in travelling to Munich to present at the 2024 ERA biennial membership conference and to teach a workshop afterwards.
Professional athlete Marion Reiff looks back on a seventeen-year career as a 10m platform diver. In this interview, she talks about the challenges competitive sports places on the body...
Entering level 2 of the Rolfing® training was like giving a commitment to myself. This move was the entrance step into getting serious with changing my career path.
Tennis, Padel, or Squash can be incredibly enjoyable, but they come with the risk of developing health problems or sustaining injuries. One common issue is tennis elbow...
Metaphors have long been integral to human culture... In fields like sports and dance, metaphors organise movement perception and coordination, as seen in practices like Rolfing® Structural Integration.
Discover Rolfing® through the eyes of two dedicated practitioners, Åsa Åhman and Louise Almgren. As passionate advocates of holistic health, they are committed to bringing more Rolfers® to Sweden.
Despite its growing popularity as a method for relieving pain, improving posture and mobility, as well as enhancing general well-being, there is still a misunderstanding about the degree of discomfort during the Rolfing process.
When faced with physical discomfort, individuals often encounter various approaches.
Two decades ago, my journey into the realms of yoga commenced with reluctance. As a fervent fitness enthusiast and part-time aerobics instructor, the slow pace of yoga initially seemed incongruous with my active lifestyle.
As a physiotherapist with many years of experience, I have always been searching for new approaches to enrich my practice and provide my patients with holistic treatment.