Medical doctor & Rolfer® - a perfect combination

By Dr. Alexandra Haugg

Actually, Rolfing® Structual Integration is already my third career step, if I consider well; it is nothing less than a logical step following my former activities – even if they might look pretty heterogeneous.

What was your original career before Rolfing?

I started very traditionally: I studied medicine at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, although as of the early years my biggest interest was body movement; dancing, sports, artistry were the topics I was really enthusiastic about. In medicine I thus focused on orthopedic surgery, traumatology, non-surgical orthopedics, sports medicine; additionally, I underwent further trainings in chirotherapy and manual medicine.

Nevertheless, my utmost passion was and still is sports, artistic movement and acrobatics. Later I added wind surfing. Flying through circus domes and surfing strong winds took more and more space in my life and displaced medicine to the background of my activities.


How did you learn about Rolfing?

In the early nineties I joined “Theater Winterquartier”. It was a fascinating environment there and a get-together of dancers, equilibrists and acrobats. In this environment I heard about Rolfing for the first time, although I then felt no necessity to get into direct touch with it.

In 1997, I finally established a windsurfing school on the Greek island of Karpathos – the home of the strongest and steadiest winds in Europe. I managed the school for almost 20 years, including the opening of restaurant and bar. My medical background served for the care of sports accidents in Karpathos: I sewed, plastered, and set dislocations – simply everything needed by surfers at really strong conditions.


Why did you decide to pursue Rolfing as a career?

Unfortunately, my lifestyle asked for its tribute and my body started suffering as a result of the extensive sports activities. It was mainly my back that seriously suffered and which kept me off sports activities more and more. I had my successful business, but I also had the pain in my back, and I felt that time had come for another change.

I returned to Germany, mainly because I felt like in a dead end in Karpathos, but also for private reasons. So I had no better idea than to join a traditional orthopedic office, where I had to witness that I could not help those patients who suffered from chronical back pain – like I did myself. After a couple of different classical treatments, I recalled the magic treatment Rolfing and enjoyed a series of treatments by Christoph Sommer in Munich.

I was entirely fascinated by the techniques which were new to me and by the success: a completely new body feeling after all these years of pain – a new body experience, a change in the feeling of movement and the perception of space.

After some additional sessions with Ricarda Sommer and Nicola Carofiglio I attended a three-week Spectrum Rolfing [now the frist part of Level 1 "Myofascial Foundation"] in Agatharied and decided to take up the entire Rolfing training, from which I graduated in 2017, in 2018 I finalized Rolf Movement™ training.


How do you find working in two professions?

Eventually I have managed to find the ideal balance of profession and passion: My body and its healthy movement, having a background in traditional medicine and combining it with the perception and the “touch” of the Rolfer.

The knowledge of the importance of fascia and the re-vitalized body perception, the empowered consciousness for space, emotions and resources – I found the merging of all my interests and skills, all my learnings and yearnings.

In my own Clinic for Manual Medicine and Rolfing in Munich I can share all this with my patients and customers. With my own resources and experience I can create the necessary space for them to perceive their bodies in gravity from a new perspective.

Rolfing and its entire understanding of balance in gravity is giving me the energy to never stand still and stop learning. So I finally joined the advanced Rolfing course with Jonathan Martine, which again brought new perspectives and enthusiasm to my work.

I really do feel a momentum of humble gratefulness for the Rolfing approach, which crossed my path [as a patient and as a practitioner] – for me and for my entire environment it has been an invaluable increase of life-quality.

Author: Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, Alexandra Haugg - Germany

Photos : private photos supplied by Alexandra Haugg

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