Rolfing® and Sport

As a former university physical education teacher, why did you decide to become a Rolfer®?

Hello everybody, I’m Markus Roßmann. So, after studying sport, I really wanted to learn something to treat and to touch people and I really didn’t want to become a physiotherapist. I am not sure why, but I was looking for something else.  Then I did the Rolfing Ten Series with my friend, Herbert Battisti and that changed my life. It changed my complete view of the human body and also on movement and treatment. These ten sessions went so deep in my body and changed not only my body but also my mind.

After that, I had less problems, especially with my hip, because I was playing basketball hard. And I got less pain in all of my body and it got me thinking, that I should learn Rolfing. And, up until now, I am glad that I did that because I know that everything is connected to everything and that you can influence the body much deeper inside, not only on the surface. Right now, I have started to work in a rehabilitation centre doing a lot after operations on knees, hip joints and back problems. And it is amazing how I can influence their bodies in only a short time. They love coming to me and seeing that change. So, it was the best decision or me to become a Rolfer and I am very glad and very proud to be in this association.

What benefits can Rolfing® bring to athletes and/or those exercising?

So, athletes use their bodies to create the best sports performance and with Rolfing sessions, their bodies become smoother and more intelligent. So, movement becomes more precise and their muscle work better because the fascia system around the muscles works perfectly. And it is not only about releasing fascia, but also about getting the fascia system back, the capacity to store kinetic energy and to transfer kinetic energy. So, we also need another kind of fascia stimulation to give them that back. Of course, these are reasons why the athletes perform better and don’t have as many injuries. For me, what is most important is that athletes start to understand their own body, that they start to feel inside their body and with this new knowledge they connect with their own minds. Athletes come to me regularly to support their own workouts, to support their performance and I love to work with them and I think they also love it, so it is a really good combination.

Author: Certified Rolfer®, Markus Roßmann - Germany

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