Rolfing® Structural Integration receives new scientific relevance

Whole-body fascia plastinate FR:EIA at Fascia Research Conference in Montreal

The world’s first whole-body fascia plastinate, FR:EIA, has been presented at the 6th International Fascia Research Conference in Montreal. It allows an innovative view of fascia, a subset of connective tissue, and is therefore considered a unique object of study for all physicians, therapists, and fascia experts.

'FR:EIA realizes a historically significant extension of conventional anatomy' – states Dr. Robert Schleip, human biologist and Certified Advanced Rolfer®. It can finally lead to a shift in thinking with the potential to help millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, mobility issues, and surgical rehabilitation.

Rolfing® Structural Integration is more than a deep connective tissue massage that can lead to impressive improvements in posture and was explained by Dr. Ida Rolf as early as the 1950s, primarily using the concept of fascia. The newly gained scientific evidence thanks to FR:EIA underpins this approach and gives Rolfing a brand new relevance. “There is now a lot of scientific evidence that when you work the fasciae, there are not only local effects, but also effects over the whole body, as the fasciae are interrelated and connect everything,” Dr. Robert Schleip.

More Information:

Interview with Body Worlds curator, Dr. Angelina Whalley in Structure, Function, Integration: Journal of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, July 2022.

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