From Physiotherapist to Rolfer®

By Michael Hartmann, Physiotherapist, Magdeburg, Germany 

As a physiotherapist with many years of experience, I have always been searching for new approaches to enrich my practice and provide my patients with holistic treatment. The decision to pursue my Rolfing® training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Europe proved to be pivotal and fulfilling. 

Right from the start of my training as a Rolfer®, I am overjoyed to have chosen to advance in Rolfing® Structural Integration. In a market full of interesting trainings and further education opportunities, I sought something new that would complement my work as a physiotherapist. 

I wanted to add something new and yet expanding to my professional field as a physiotherapist.

Rolfing® offers me exactly the approach I have been looking for. Its holistic and health-promoting approach allows me to work with people experiencing discomfort without it being the sole reason for a session. 

The idea that one never stops learning in life is very familiar to me. This maxim also applies to Motor Ontogeny, the constant development and change of the human body. Ida Rolf's method offers a valuable approach here. It not only includes the alignment of the body and its movement possibilities but also the individual needs of each person. 

I have now successfully completed the second phase of my training and am already looking forward to the third part, in order to subsequently work as a Certified Rolfer®. 

The training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute Europe is extremely practical, and the lecturers do not rely on frontal teaching but on interactive teaching methods. Particularly impressive is the tailored instruction, which is based on the individual needs of the participants. 

This training offers me the best framework I can imagine for my professional development.

Author: Michael Hartmann, Physiotherapist & Rolfing® Student, Magdeburg, Germany  

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