Into The New! – Webinar 06 – Juan David Velez

The sixth webinar of the 7 FREE Webinars designed to help us during the coronavirus lockdown.

Conceived by Marina Blandini in collaboration with Marcel Teeuw and Pierpaola Volpones and produced by ERA – The European Rolfing® Association on May 2020.  ERA has teamed up with leading Rolfing® experts, who have kindly agreed to participate in this project, to share their knowledge, experience and passion with you.

Author: Juan David Velez
Theme: “An Optimistic View for the Future of Rolfing® in a Post-Pandemic World.”
Date: MAY 22th 2020

“Juan David brings together the development of society and culture, culminating in an age of creativity and mental performance, and the contribution of Rolfing® that helps to get us in touch with who we really are”

Although normally based in the US, we very much hope to bring Juan David to Europe in the near future. Until then, do visit his website to find out more about his practice and background:

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We are delighted that ERA is open again. We have already delivered 3 courses with almost 30 students in each. Our teachers, students, models and colleagues have enjoyed the opportunity to meet again and to be able to touch – it is such an important part of what we do! To book your places in an up-coming course do visit our website here.

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