A colleague of mine who works both as an osteopath and as a Rolfer® illustrates the comparison between Rolfing® and osteopathy with the tracks of a railway. The long rails are like Rolfing and the cross-ties like osteopathy. Osteopathy and Rolfing...
When I was 6 months pregnant with my son Ian, I started Phase 3 of the Rolfing® training. Although I had doubts that the intensive training might be a little too much for me and the baby, it turned out to be the perfect container, in which I felt safe at any given moment.
In this video Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe Faculty Member Peter Schwind Dr. phil., explains the concepts and practice of the Advanced Training that will take place from 19 Sep 2022 to 09 May 2023, taught by himself and assisted by DIRI Faculty Member, Juan David Vélez.
Scars are the result of accidental or intentional openings of skin and deeper tissues, that usually would not have been exposed to the outside world.
Already as a child I was confronted with the topic of chronic pain. When I was about 11 years old, both of my Achilles tendons became inflamed. Over the following years, the pain spread to my entire feet and lower legs.
Our culture teaches us that good or optimal posture is achieved by lifting the chin, throwing the shoulders back, bracing the back and tucking in the gut.
As a former university physical education teacher, why did you decide to become a Rolfer®? Hello everybody, I’m Markus Roßmann. So, after studying sport, I really wanted to learn something to treat and to touch people and I really didn’t want to become a physiotherapist.
As a Sport scientist, why did you choose to become a Rolfer®? When I started my studies in Sport Science at the Technical University Munich, some of the work, the ideas, and concepts of Rolfing® were somewhat already familiar to me.
Musical instrumental training is based on three foundations: technical training / posture and practice structure musical expression / emotionality, sensations and their realisation historical background and analysis of works. As a main subject teacher for the viola, in my daily teaching work I have…
To convey text or message, the expressive presence of an actor's or singer's body and voice is essential.