For many years, it has always been a special pleasure for me to work with musicians. As a member of a vocal ensemble, my professional interest in the specific challenges of the musical profession is combined with my personal joy in making music.
Although I had my first Rolfing® session 45 years ago when I was still working as a professional musician, my recall of the experience is still very present.
Why did you decide to study Rolfing®? I am a dancer and I wanted to do something that combined my love of movement and of body so that I could make a further career. I had met a Rolfer when I moved to Berlin about 7 years ago and he worked on my ribs to work on my hip.
Just before the pandemic hit, I finished a 8 year long tour with a small band of classical and jazz musicians. We had sung in concert halls, theaters and festivals and usually I would stumble off stage in my high heels with excruciating back pain.
My name is Michael Kellenberger, I`m a certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner and as well a former dancer and choreographer.
As a Dancer, why did you choose to become a Rolfer®?
Dancers are interested in the process of Rolfing® because it provides them with a different experience of their body than their daily training. They regain circulation, flexibility, fluidity, lightness and confidence that they can integrate into their technical and artistic work.
What are the benefits of Rolf Movement™? One of the many genius aspects of Dr Ida Rolf’s legacy is the ‘recipe’; ten sessions that not only ‘resets’ the connective tissue through better organisation and relationship, but also that re-educates the client into understanding their patterns
As a Rolfer®, why did you choose to do the Rolf Movement™ course? The Rolf Movement™ training for me has been a treasure of tools and ways of working that I could immediately apply in my Rolfing® practice.
As a Rolfer®, why did you choose to do the Rolf Movement™ course? When I first studied Rolfing® I was so fascinated by how my teachers talked about movement and how they themselves moved.