Rolfing Training Courses

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Rolfing for beginners, planning a career as a Certified Rolfer or want to deepen your existing skills, we offer the widest variety of Rolfing training courses at our Munich institute and other education centres in Europe.

Introduction to Rolfing
Orientation workshop – Meet Rolfing
Experience the basics of Rolfing in this 15-hour workshop. Learn about touch, movement and structural body analysis. Includes a mini Rolfing session. No experience necessary. See Meet Rolfing.

Spectrum of Rolfing – preparing you for study
This residential course is taught over a period of twelve days by certified Rolfing instructors. It prepares you for Certified Rolfer training. No experience necessary. See Spectrum of Rolfing.
Certified Rolfer training
This course leads you towards a career in Rolfing. On successful completion you’ll be a Certified Rolfer. To be admitted, you need to fulfil the entry requirements.

You can choose between intensive and modular training:

Advanced Rolfing training
Advanced training lets Certified Rolfers develop and deepen their understanding and effectiveness as practitioners. See advanced Rolfing training.
Continue your professional development
For Certified Rolfers. Maintain your skills and deepen your knowledge with our rich and varied program of workshops. Locations in Munich and across Europe. See continuing education.

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Rolfing training infographic