Becoming a Rolfer™

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an exciting and rewarding career choice. It offers the opportunity to practice fulfilling work, in a healing profession, while also supporting personal development. As a Certified Rolfer™ you can build a successful business practice and through your work, make a difference to the well-being of others.

How can I determine if Rolfing® SI suits me?

There are Pre-Training workshops offered year-round that are open to everyone. Through these workshops you can explore your interest in Rolfing® and becoming a Rolfer™. Once you have determined you are interested, to apply for the training, there are admission requirements you must meet for acceptance to the Basic Rolfing® Training.

Certifications and Continuing Education

There are three Certifications offered within Rolfing® Structural Integration: Basic Rolfing® SI Certification, Advanced Rolfing® Certification and Rolf Movement™ Certification. Additionally, there are Continuing Education credits and years of practical experience required for Advanced training, and to support the further development of your skills throughout your career.

The diagram below provides an overview of the training available to the ERA students and members. Simply click on the area of interest to explore additional details.