Basic Rolfing® SI Certification

IMG_1976Certified Rolfers are graduates of a school accredited by The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, most likely, the European Rolfing Association e.V.  Since it’s founding, ERA has provided training, certification and continuing education in affiliation with The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in 1971, in Boulder, Colorado USA.  Only those who have successfully completed the full and authentic Rolf training and have been formally certified are entitled to call themselves Certified Rolfers.  In this way, the quality of the Classical Rolfing training and the reputation that Rolfing enjoys as an effective and powerful method for improving structure and function has been maintained for over half a century.

Certified Rolfers are trained to possess the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary to respond to the needs of each individual client.  To become a Certified Rolfer is a major accomplishment.  Each Rolfer has participated in approximately 750 hours of Pre-training workshops, Basic Rolfing Training, Mentoring sessions and Supervision.  Furthermore, to maintain their certification they must continuously update their knowledge through Continuing Education credits earned by further studies leading up to an Advanced Certification within a 3 to 7 year period.

As a career choice, Rolfing will give you the opportunity for meaningful, satisfying self-employment, and ongoing personal development.