Pre-Training Meet ROLFING® SI Workshop

If you are considering becoming a Rolfer™ you can explore your interest through two different types of pre-training workshops that are open to everyone and offered several times per year. You can also participate in a first Meet ROLFING® workshop if you have a basic interest in the function of the human body.


Date Event
20.02.2021 — 21.02.2021
Meet ROLFING® - Ein Einführungskurs Germany / Munich   Instructor: Kathrin Grobelnik
Language: German   Location: European Rolfing® Association e.V. (ERA) Training Center, Munich DE
12.03.2021 — 13.03.2021
Rolfing® & Strukturelle Integration Einführungskurs   Instructor: Susanne Eichler
Language: German   Location: Rolfing® Praxis Susanne Eichler, Subingen

To register for a workshop in Munich, please download the Meet ROLFING® Registration.

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Exploring your interest in Rolfing® Structural Integration

The pre-training workshops are designed to offer interesting insights into the world of Rolfing® SI, working with fascia and orientation in gravity, while also teaching practical skills. There are two types of pre-training workshops offered that differ in duration and intensity:

Meet ROLFING® Ori_DSC1799entation Weekend Workshop

The preparatory workshops offer exciting insights into the world of bodywork according to Dr. Ida Rolf. Experienced teachers give you an introduction to theory and practice. During the exercises you can feel the effect of Rolfing® yourself.

Topics in this workshop: