Requirements for Becoming a Rolfer™

The standards for acceptance into the European Rolfing® Association’s Basic Training means that each candidate has fulfilled ten important requirements…

  1. The candidate is 25 years or older.
  2. Has completed High-School with a university-entrance level diploma or can provide proof of a successful professional career.
  3. Completion of the 10-session series of Rolfing® Structural Integration and, in addition, having received 5 Rolf Movement™ sessions with a Certified Rolfer™.
  4. Knowledge of English – the Association’s common language.  Also, the language in which most of the past 50 years of literature is written and the broadest set of continuing education courses is offered.
  5. The appropriate level of physical strength and good health necessary for performing manual bodywork on a regular basis.
  6. Knowledge of, and experience with, manual bodywork therapies.
  7. Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology (if you are uncertain, you should consider participation in the Spectrum Rolfing® pre-training workshop.)
  8. Ability and open-mindedness to develop a therapeutic relationship with clients during their Rolfing® process. Familiarity and experience with therapeutic, coaching or counseling methods is beneficial.
  9. Completion of the ERA Application Package (including required certificates, CV and Admission Paper) – for more information please contact the ERA Office by writing to
  10. Review and approval of the ERA’s Admission Paper.