Meet ROLFING®: Becoming a Rolfing® model

As part of the Rolfing® Training, we offer  the opportunity for individuals to book Rolfing® sessions at discounted rates in Munich.

For further information please call Andrea Nossem at 089 543 709 43 or send us the form at the bottom of this page.

Dates for the next single sessions in december 2020:

Due to the corona crises we have to cancel the single sessions in June 2020.
The next sessions will take place in december 2020, dates will be shown here.

Dates for the next 10 serie 2021:

You have the possibility to be a modell for the students in their 3rd training year. They than start to work on a “real” client, 10 time with the same person and body.
Please read the requirements below!

08th February – 31st march 2021

Dates and groups will be shown here when confirmed with the teacher.

General information:

The price fot the 10 series as a student models 300 Euro. (150 Euro for students, unemployed and pensioners on request).
The price for the 10 series as teachermodel is 350€ (no discount).
If you are interested in the teachermodel, please contact us +49 89 54709-43 or

Requirements for models include:

Age: 18 – 70 years;
no chronic, acute, inflammatory or dermatological diseases;
no current psychotherapeutic treatment. Cancer shall be healed for at least 5 years!

If you are interested in model sessions, please inform us about
your birthdate, size and weight.

If you had a 10 series already, you are requested to wait at least 5 years till the next!

For further information we are available to answer your questions.
Our phone number 089/543 709 43 or via  email.

Please feel free to contact us!

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