The Body’s Fascia: Shaping and Reshaping Us

The Body’s Fascia: Shaping and Reshaping Us: 

Fascia shapes us. It is tougher than muscles and runs throughout the body, even more than nerves. It envelopes and covers everything from nerves to muscles and organs to blood vessels. [cit. Fascia Congress]

But what is fascia? In technical terms, fascia is connective tissue made up of collagen and elastin fibers. This means that while it is very tough it also has a degree of flexibility and will move or contract with muscle tissue. It has incredible tensile strength and has even been referred to as the “organ of posture,” basically keeping us upright. Fascia develops (even in embryo) based on stress put upon it; therefore fascia, in essence, defines our posture…


Author: Shiloh Butki