Bringing the body to alignment

Two thousand years ago, Marcus Aurelius encouraged his subjects to “stand up straight, not straightened.” While some historians believe he was conversing metaphorically, others believe the Roman emperor was speaking anatomically: people with healthy postural muscles don’t need to think about standing up straight; it comes naturally.

Melissa Dailey, a Certified Rolfer™ Practitioner at the Antioch College Wellness Center, sayd:

Poor alignment results in a plethora of biomechanical
problems (…) and Rolfing® is a method that brings a person’s
body back into proper alignment. It’s a way to restore one’s
natural standing posture to a straight plumb line.



Author:  Jeff Simons

Melissa Dailey, is a certified Rolfer, has been teaching health and fitness classes for nearly 30 years. Melissa is also in her 23rd year of service in the Air Force and has developed many military physical fitness programs. She was also a key developer of the most recent Air Force-wide physical fitness standards for the required Air Force physical fitness test. She presently teaches Spin and Core Length & Strength at the Wellness Center.

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