An important paper in support of Structural Integration

Good news! An important paper in support of Structural Integration has recently been published in a high ranking physiological journal. This well conducted study provides an important contribution to a growing research foundation in support of the work of Dr. Ida Rolf.

The study documented a better circulatory perfusion of superficial tissues (measured with a very modern ultrasound device), a decreased stiffness and increased elasticity in several regions of the body after 10 sessions in Structural Integration. These are the preliminary results of a much more extensive study which will continue for some time. Only 13 patients were involved in this preliminary study; nevertheless the results were considered relevant enough to be published in “Frontiers of Physiology“, which is one of the highest ranking academic journals in its field.The primary researchers are based at Opole University in Poland and have been excellent collaborators with other active researchers in the fields of Structural Integration and in fascia research. It will be a pleasure to discuss their findings as well as future research activities and networking activities with them at our upcoming Exchange Meeting in Munich. Read Full Article Here

Dr. Robert Schleip
Research Director of European Rolfing® Association