Rolf Movement™ was a rich addition to my Rolfing training - Marcel Teeuw

As a Rolfer®, why did you choose to do the Rolf Movement™ course?

The Rolf Movement™ training for me has been a treasure of tools and ways of working that I could immediately apply in my Rolfing® practice. But I have also seen this wealth of knowledge grow and become deeper over time, even for many years after completing the training.

The training helped me to understand and feel the work from the inside-out better. It also gave me a sense of purpose to every Rolfing session and the structural work that I do.

What are the benefits of Rolf Movement™?

Rolf Movement has enabled me to work with 'difficult cases' opening the way to creative approaches where manipulation was not the first choice and where I could help clients move, connect and remap from the inside.

I still enjoy having learned sophisticated ways of how to take care of myself daily and how I can explore new connections and truths within my own body. Each of these aspects is of great value, but I feel that because they amalgamate so well, movement becomes a living practice.

Rolf Movement™ was a rich addition to my Rolfing training and I am convinced it will be for many an infinite source of inspiration, a real treasure to discover.

Author and Photo: Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, Marcel Teeuw - Italy

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