Commemorating 125 year of Dr Ida Rolf with Hiroyoshi Tahata

Describe how Ida’s words have inspired your work and life…

‘Since I had met a traffic accident at Junior high, I felt always unbalanced with a strained back every year. Before becoming a Rolfer, I worked at the Pharmaceutical institute as a research worker. My first Rolfing helped me a lot, functionally, sensationally and spiritually. The experience of Rolfing changed my curiosity from the orthodox medical research to a holistic approach. To quote one of her words: “Go around the problem; get the system sufficiently resilient so that it is able to change, and it will change, It doesn’t have to be forced. It’s that forcing that you have to avoid at all costs.” Her words empower us to see the potential to regenerate and evolve our human systems. I continue to explore the meaning of her words through my practice of Rolfing 10 series, an excellent self-study program for Rolfers’.

How does Ida’s work continue to be relevant in the 21st century?

‘I am sure that Rolfing will continue to be relevant than ever. Some researchers think that all cells making up the body are subject to mechanostress and maintaining homeostasis by appropriate mechanosensing. They postulate that many diseases are potentially caused by a breakdown in this balance. It is easy to imagine that in an integrated body with a balanced fascial network, mechanosensing will be appropriate. Our collaborative studies with the medical doctor using BDORT, suggests that the Rolfing process may reduce levels of the oxidative stress, which may lead to life-style diseases. Further studies will help us to see the significance of Ida’s work. I believe that our body has potential to respond to external stresses on our own through our natural immunity and self-regulatory system without needing excessive medical interventions. Rolfing is a great tool that provides us with the opportunity to call forth our innate potential for well-being'.

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