Commemorating 125 year of Dr Ida Rolf with Kathrin Grobelnik

Describe how Ida’s words have inspired your work and life…

‘Before I became a Rolfer, I was an Engineer and worked a lot with technical things. What inspired me as I found out about Rolfing and I had my Rolfing sessions was that Ida Rolf was the first one who took the gravity into account for a therapeutic approach. This concept that gravity has an impact on our physical structure, our alignment, and our way to move was very new and inspiring for me and I wanted to know more about this’.

How does Ida’s work continue to be relevant in the 21st century?

‘Now in the 21st century we face a very complex and a very fast world. We changed our way of being and moving. In the former times people worked much more physically, now we are all sitting at desks, working in office and we are working more cognitive. We drive cars, so we totally changed our habits to move and also the way we use our bodies.  In this way gravity has a different impact. Gravity is there and has an impact on our bodies. But not only on our bodies also the way I move, my posture and my way of being. It has an impact on my emotions and also my spirit. To see this all together, this is the main thing that we need now in our complex world to really find a good relationship with ourselves, relationships in our physical body, relationships to our emotions, to our spirt. We talk also about relationships between myself, my body, and the outside world, the environment, and other people. This is amazing, Ida Rolf said a quote, ‘The line is not a thing, it is a relationship’. And if we find a better way to relate to ourselves, to the outside world, to other people. This helps us much more to have an easier and wonderful life’.

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