Why Certified Rolfer® and Dancer, Evan, decided to study Rolfing®

Why did you decide to study Rolfing®?

I am a dancer and I wanted to do something that combined my love of movement and of body so that I could make a further career. I had met a Rolfer when I moved to Berlin about 7 years ago and he worked on my ribs to work on my hip. I remember being so confused because it was doing something down there and I was fascinated.

How was your experience at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe?

I chose the intensive program and it was definitely intensive. I experienced a lot of changes going through the phases. I also stopped taking antidepressants during phase 1 and I was fine. I had so many tools some how to deal with it on my own and I haven’t had any recurrence. It hasn’t come back at all and as soon as it does, I just feel like I am more connected to the world now.

Why would you recommend people study at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe?

Because there is a huge faculty of teachers that circulate through here that have so much experience and from different areas also. That’s one of the things that I love very much, is that I haven’t ever heard anyone say, Rolfing in the best thing, you have to do Rolfing because that is the single best thing. But I do hear that from other places and that was a really good indicator to me that there was a kind of respect for the existence and connectiveness to other styles and other educational systems and body work methods. And many of the teachers have studied other things too and then Rolfing is the kind of glue between it. It is also the flagship school for Europe, which also makes sense, but many of the teachers have 30-40 years’ experience which is inarguable. I would say, ‘One would like to study with someone who has that much experience’.

Author: Certified Rolfer® and Dancer, Evan Harris Foster - USA

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