“By the end of the ten Rolfing® sessions, Eric was almost unrecognisable. In his last email to me he said: ‘You took fifty years off my life and now I feel like a teenager!’ Says Begoña Fontana Urriza.
“With every Rolfing® session I discovered something new about my body and the world around me, my vision became wider… and so did my photography. I achieved an entirely new state of wellness. Rolfing has changed my life.
“For me, the results of Rolfing® were immediate.
“We do workshops, and I’ve been thinking about the name for one of our new courses. I like ‘Echoes from your Core.’”  Says Schmitz.
Rolfing® was so profoundly “life-changing” for Professional Opera Singer
This month, two of our Certified Advanced Rolfers® Miquel de Jong and Aman Andres Kohlbach have been working closely behind the scenes with the world-renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, to support their globally acclaimed dancers in a very special four-day performance at the New Luxor Th