Precise Joint Mobilisation

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Jeffrey Burch is a cert. Advanced Rolfer™ and practices in Eugene, Oregon and offers classes in Eugene, Oregon, as well as other locations in the…

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In this course you will learn to assess and treat fibrotic changes in synovial capsules, including joint capsules, bursae and tendon sheaths, and also some non-synovial joints. In learning to assess and treat these numerous and vitally important structures, we will work from general considerations to specifics, in time making a comprehensive tour of the dozens of synovia in the body.

First, we will talk about the typical structure and normal function of each of these three categories of synovia: joint capsules, tendon sheaths and bursae.  We will then discuss dysfunctions and pathology in general terms. This will be followed by assessment and treatment methods, again in general terms.

With this foundation of anatomic generalities, assessment methods and treatment methods, we will then make a tour of the synovia in the body accompanied by extensive hands-on practice. 

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We will also discuss pathologies that we cannot rectify with our methods, how to recognize these pathologies and what referrals to make for their correction.

The short story is that joint capsules, bursa walls and tendons get stuck to things they should glide on. In addition to becoming stuck to things they should glide on these structures can lose elasticity and even be pulled short. These adhesions and contractures create movement restrictions and alignment problems, often severe ones. The general term encompassing contractures and adhesions is fibrosities. All of our clients have numerous fibrosities of these two types. In this course, you will learn to precisely identify and correct these adhesions and contractures.

Much less commonly, the walls of synovia can also be weakened, overstretched and/or severed. With our methods we have little or no ability to correct these laxities. In this course you will learn to recognize these problems that are outside of our scope and learn the types of referrals useful to correct them.


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