Sourcepoint Therapy – Modul 1 with Bob Schrei

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• Body Workers
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9:30am – 6pm
Praxis Konrad Obermeier - Skills Institute
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Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, Pilates Instructor, Craniosacral and SourcePoint® Therapist.

Cost: €540.00

SourcePoint Therapy®  can be integrated with any form of manual or movement therapy, for exemple: Massage, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Structural Integration - Rolfing®, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais, BMC®. Once the energetic blockages have been identified and the basic points in the energy field have been activated, the practitioner’s own modality can be used to release the blockages and facilitate the flow of information from the Blueprint. Click here for more info.

Dieser Workshop ist ein guter Anfangspunkt, wenn Sie
  • Medical Doctors, Psycologists, Nurses, Psychotherapists and in general anyone interested in supporting their own health, or that of family and friends, through simple energy work methods also benefit from the training.