Sourcepoint Therapy – Modul 2

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Certified Rolfer®
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Friday 9:30am – 5pm, Saturday 9:30am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm
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Andrea Clusen was certified as an Advanced Rolfer

Cost: €540.00

In a complex world, simplicity has a great power. SourcePoint Therapy is a simple approach to healing for the 21st century'. – Bob Schrei

'A joyful radiance of health is attained only as the body conforms more nearly to its inherent pattern. This pattern, this form, this Platonic idea, is the blueprint for structure'. - Ida Rolf

Source Point Therapy is a simple, non-invasive energetic and manual modality. It is based on the premise that underlying our physical body exists an energetic, geometric and informational field – the Blueprint of Health. This blueprint, the matrix of healing energy, contains the essential information of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow that creates, develops and sustains all life.

Module 2 deepens the knowledge of Module 1 and continues by specific energetic patterns in and around the human body used as healing modality within a SourcePoint Therapy session.

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Dieser Workshop ist ein guter Anfangspunkt, wenn Sie

The completion of Module 1 is requirement for participating in Module 2

Was Sie im Kurs erwartet
  • Geometric patterns (like: midline, inner temple, guardian points, stick-figure, crescent moon)
  • Further scanning techniques
  • Further self help tools