A Volumetric Approach to the Thorax

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Rolf Movement® Faculty, Certified Rolfing® Instructor

Juan David is an Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement™ Practitioner. He has been teaching for the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado,…

Cost: €595.00

This three day class will start with an introduction to concepts that are fundamental to The Volumetric Approach. These concepts include: 

  • an updated understanding of the Two Way Operator model of seeing
  • an anatomical model referenced on the hydrostatic pressure systems in the body
  • perceptual mechanisms for balance and core stability

Supported by our understanding of the above concepts, we will move into more practical explorations. The thorax will be our main reference for this class and we will review detailed anatomy for this region. We will, however, expand beyond this region to better understand how any patterns of restriction in the thorax influence everything else in the body, as well as how other regions influence the thorax.

*Please note, for everyone's safety, the Bavarian State's latest Covid-19 regulations (at the time of the event) will apply and we will keep you regularly informed of any changes.

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  • Anyone looking to obtain Credits: TBA
Was Sie im Kurs erwartet

You can expect to learn innovative techniques during this class, however, my main goal will be to foster a new way of thinking about the body, and leave you with ideas that you can translate into any region of the body.