Phase 3

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Students are required to have passed Phase 2/Level 2
2 Mentor sessions
5 Rolf Movement™ sessions
Interphase Paper
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European ROLFING® Association
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Cost: €7200.00
  • Duration: 30 days within 8 weeks
  • Topics: You apply your acquired knowledge and skills in a practical and goal oriented manner. Under supervision, you develop treatment plans and conduct the treatment series with at least two clients. Structural changes during the series are documented with photos and the results are evaluated and discussed.
  • Interviews are held with students throughout and at the end of this phase.

After Phase 3…

… the Basic Rolfing Training is complete. You are recognized as a Certified Rolfer®.
… you can work independently in a private practice.
… during your first year of working in your own practice you will be required to attend an additional three mentor sessions, concluding with the six-day Supervision workshop.