Intensive Training Phase 3

fingerprint Zulassungsvoraussetzungen
• Completion of Phase 2/Level 2
• 2 Mentor sessions
• 3 Rolf Movement™ sessions
• Interphase Paper accepted by Phase 2 instructor
• A 1-day first aid course (you can do this in your country with an accredited provider, eg the Red Cross)
• A basic criminal records check
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30 days, 3-5 days a week, 9am 6 pm, weekends are off
European ROLFING® Association
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Certified Rolfer®, Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Kathrin Grobelnik has been a Certified Rolfer™ since 2007, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Cost: €7200.00

Phase 3 Rolfing® leads to a professional qualification as a Certified Rolfer® and membership of the ERA.

This classroom-based course lets you develop and deepen your Rolfing Structural Integration skills. Working with your own client, you’ll learn step-by-step how to put your skills into practice.

What to expect in class

  • you're taught using a mix of practical exercises and theory
  • you’ll work in pairs or small groups to explore and practice the course content
  • you’ll work one-to-one with your client
  • you'll get plenty of support as there'll be one teacher for every 8 students and no more than 24 students per class


On successful completion of the course and the certification workshop at the end, you'll graduate as a Certified Rolfer®. You’ll now join the European Rolfing® Association as a member and can open your own practice. As a graduate, you will qualify for two years of discounted membership fees

Payment Details:

Down Payment of 500 € due after registration.
Remaining amount due 4 weeks before start.
Installments are possible on request.

(Prices, dates, course locations and teachers are subject to change.)

Dieser Workshop ist ein guter Anfangspunkt, wenn Sie

Students after Phase 2/Level 2
SI Practitioner (IASI approved)

Was Sie im Kurs erwartet

A different set of teachers will follow your learning process so to enable you to develop treatment strategies and perform them on a minimum of two clients. The structural changes during the treatment series will be documented and the treatment results will be evaluated and discussed.

Possible contraindications for specific interventions will be addressed and in addition you will be introduced to some frequently seen structural problems.

During Phase III, there will be time to be introduced to the theme “How to build your practice”, with suggestions, PR tools provided by ERA and an overview of what does it mean to be a Rolfer within the Rolfing community.
Also in Phase III, there will be mid-term and final interviews.

In 2025 you will come back to do the mandatory course "Supervision".