Encounters - New Realities & Perspectives in Rolfing®

Encounter each other and encounter new perspectives in a changing reality around us. That is the spirit of our upcoming Biennial Conference: Encounters - New Realities and Perspectives in Rolfing®.
It is time to be inspired, to breathe in and to be ready for something new. We have experienced Rolfers® and Rolfing® instructors lined up, ready to share their progressing insights, approaches and techniques with you.
We are sure you will find the variety of speakers and workshops offered interesting and we are hopeful that we will finally be able to meet each other in person. However, should this not be the case, we have a flexible booking policy, so you can be optimistic with us, make your reservation, and eventually update it when the deadline approaches.

*Please note, for everyone's safety, the Bavarian State's latest Covid-19 regulations (at the time of the event) will apply and we will keep you regularly informed of any changes.

Pre-conference workshops

Breathing in the Gravity Field

Dates: Wed 29 June - Fri 1 July 2022
Instructors: Rita Geirola
Credits: 2 IRC (manipulation) 1 Movement
Price: 595 €
The Psoas and its related visceral structures. Manual diagnostic and treatment

Dates: Wed 29 June - Fri 1 July 2022
Instructor: Peter Schwind Dr. phil.
Credits: 3 IRC (manipulation)
Price: 595 €

Biennial Conference

Encounters - New Realities & Perspectives in Rolfing®

Dates: Sat 2 - Sun 3 July 2022
Instructor: Various
Price: Members - 225 €,
Non-members - 275 €, Students - 105 €

Post-conference workshops

Relating embryological development of the leg to structural considerations of lumbar problems

Dates: Mon 4 - Tue 5 July 2022
Instructors: Christoph Sommer and Konrad Obermeier
Credits: 2 IRC (manipulation)
Price: 415 €
A Volumetric Approach to the Thorax

Dates: Mon 4 - Wed 6 July 2022
Instructors: Juan David Vélez
Credits: 3 IRC
Price: 595 €