Autonomic Tracking to Enhance Orientation and Integration

Instructor Lael Katherine Keen
Language English
Date 19.05.2019 — 20.05.2019
Price 400,00 Euro
Location Orangerie - Merian Gärten

Flyer and Registration  (Organisation: Katharina Adiecha)

2 elective credits

This two day workshop is designed to teach the basics of autonomic tracking and its
application to orienting, movement and posture, which will be an important tool for the
Breathing workshop. Other ways to have learned these basics would have been to have
attended the Beginning Level of the Somatic Experiencing® Training or to have done
one or more Rolfing and Trauma workshops with Lael. This workshop may also be
interesting for those who have already done the Rolfing and Trauma workshops and
would like to review, or for Rolfers or Structural Integrators who have done the Somatic
Experiencing® training and would like to learn some new ways to bridge autonomic
tracking into the practice of Rolfing®.
The main topics covered will be:
 The physiology of trauma and how this relates to the practice of Rolfing
 How to recognize when you are running into trauma in your client’s system and how
to conduct the process in such a way that the traumatic energies can discharge
 Techniques for tracking the autonomic nervous system.
 How trauma affects our capacity to orient and how our capacity to orient affects
structure and function.