A Biodynamic Approach to the Development of Structure: An Introduction to Embryology

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Instructor Konrad Obermeier
Language English
Date 28.07.2018 — 29.07.2018
Price 280,00 Euro
Location Praxis Konrad Obermeier - Skills Institute

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What a Rolfer calls “Structure” is the result of a developmental movement initiated by a fertilized ovum, individually performed by an Embryo inside the uterus and then manifesting as a differentiated, adult human body in the gravitational field. The basic biological rules and physiological regulations underlying the creation of this “Body-Structure” are substantially stable and govern the growing Embryo and the adult human body in identical ways. As Structure is a continuous developmental movement, “Structural Integration” is operating within the same rules and regulations of differentiation and growth initially applied by the Embryo. We all are developing Embryos.