Freedom of the Wings – Rolfing® from Shoulder to Finger Tips

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Instructor Valerie Berg
Language English
Date 19.04.2018 — 22.04.2018
Price 590,00 Euro
Location MAINDO - Akademie für asiatische Bewegung und Gesundheit

4 Manipulation Credits

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A year ago in a strange event, my left humerus was crushed by my own car after falling and having it rolled on my arm. My other hand had all the fingers broken. As a Rolfer, this could be a nightmare. However, my humerus healed with only gravity by hanging in suspension for 2 months, only in a sling. No surgery, no pins, or plates were used. The rehabilitation of movement of my entire arm and the other hand became a fascinating lab for my own exploration of shoulders, elbows, hands and fingers. ….