Italian Advanced Rolfing® Training 2021

Instructor Pierpaola Volpones
Language Italian
Date 10.05.2021 — 27.07.2021
Price 4900,00 Euro
Location Torriana

The italian Advanced Rolfing Training will take place on following three modules:

Part 1: 10.-18.05.2021

Part 2: 19.-27.07.2021

Part 3: open

Price is 4900€

You need to be an associate of AIR Italy to take part!

For more information and registration, please check here:

Rolfing®, as a practice and a profession is an art that continues to unfold throughout the lifetime of the Rolfer™. The Advanced Training is a very special mark in the life of a Rolfer™, a moment when each student brings the skills, understandings and questions of the first years of clinical practice into an environment where together we will question, research and discover new worlds. The Advanced Training is an exciting moment in which there is time to deepen into a fuller, broader and more integrated understanding of what it is to practice Rolfing® and be a Rolfer™.

Admission to Advanced Training Checklist for Applicants