Rolfing® Orientation

Instructor Gerhard Hesse
Language English
Date 27.02.2016 — 28.02.2016
Price TBD Euro
Location European Rolfing® Association e.V. (ERA) Training Center

This weekend workshop helps you to understand whether Rolfing and this way of studying and working will suit you.

You get the chance to experience what Rolfing really means. Experienced teachers of the Rolfing method will introduce you to the theoretical background of Rolfing and you will also have hte opportunity to get an insight into Rolfing practice.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • the history of Rolfing and Rolf Movement
  • connective tissue and gravity
  • structural analysis of the body
  • anatomy palpation and practical work
  • basics of touch with practical part
  • gravity and movement
  • Mini Rolfing session (demo)
  • theory, self-experience, practicums and working with fellow students

Having received the 10 Rolfing sessions in not required – although having received at least one session is recommended.