Sitting and Standing Work

09.03.2018 — 11.03.2018 @ 9:00 — 18:00 – Flyer CE Sitting and Standing Work In giving sessions, there can be good reasons to decide to work using different ways to organize the client´s body position, like sitting or standing. It happens more often at the end of a session, to integrate in a different relation to gravity what we have achieved in the […]

Spectrum Rolfing® Movement 2018

15.03.2018 — 18.03.2018 @ All Day – The course is a 4 days workshop and taught by a Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor. Spectrum Movement Spectrum Rolfing® offers: a comprehensive introduction into the world of bodywork from a Rolfing perspective. It will provide you with new insights in the areas of body structure, movement coordination, 3-dimensional fascial and functional anatomy and manual bodywork skills. appropriate practice for […]

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