Spatial arrangement of pelvis and legs

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Instructor Gerhard Hesse
Language English
Date 11.05.2018 — 13.05.2018
Price 510,00 Euro
Location European Rolfing® Assocation e.V. (ERA) Training Center

3 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits

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In this class we will review and focus on deepening the understanding of the anatomy and structural / functional interrelation of feet, legs, pelvis and trunk.

This will help us to more easily find the structural / functional overall goal for the 10 series as well as for each single session.

Strategies how to work with our pattern according to the body reading of each of us will be discussed.

Appropriate touch and level of tissue access will be addressed. Furthermore we will practice the clinical aspects how to work with coxarthrosis, knee problems, flat feet, O-bowed and X-legs.