Structural Aging

Instructor Valerie Berg
Language English
Date 21.06.2019 — 23.06.2019
Price 535 Euro
Location European Rolfing® Assocation e.V. (ERA) Training Center

Structural Aging – The Structural Patterns that Age Us (any age) – Postural and Functional Breakdowns

3 Intermediate (Manipulation) Credits

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Structural Aging is a term I created to describe the various structural breakdowns that can occur at any age. It is not about old age.

We, as Structural Integrators have many moments in the ten series and post ten work to intervene and structurally change the aging process. Many of our clients are concerned with the process of aging and we can talk about this and affect it in our sessions.

This workshop will teach functionally and structurally how to work with the patterns that we can influence fascially and with awareness. The lumbar curves, the loss of head/neck/perceptual relationships, the gait and the spirals of legs and spine will be addressed. Specific manipulation work will be taught for aging related issues.