Hubert Godard

hubert_godardSimultaneously pursuing a classical and contemporary dance career, Hubert Godard studied then conducted his own research in somatic techniques. This led him to investigate the domains of functional rehabilitation, biomechanics and the nervous system’s function in motricity. He trained at the Rolf Institute, where he certified in 1986 and was subsequently nominated Rolf Movement™ teacher, and since then, has been teaching for the Rolfing® community.

Since 1988 he has been working regularly in hospitals as a researcher for the National Institute for Cancer Research in Milan, Italy. In 1990 he was appointed to the position of director for the Dance and Movement Analysis Department of the Paris’ University where he teaches movement analysis as well as directing numerous doctoral thesis. The sum of this research and his teaching endeavours find their common focus in a passion for the practice and study of movement in its different aspects: reaching from biomechanics, different body technics, psychology and all the way to the aesthetic of human expression.