Lael Katherine Keen

Lael Katharine Keen trained as a Rolfer™ in 1984 and has been teaching Rolfing® (since 1995) and Rolf Movement™ Integration (since 1998)  for the Rolf Institute on four different continents. She is founding member of the Brazilian Rolfing® Association. She has studied Tonic Function with Hubert Godard since 2000. She also teaches Somatic Experiencing® (Peter Levine’s trauma work) at all levels, for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and has studied and taught Ki-Aikido for 36 years. She is currently completing her internship as an Art Therapist. She is fascinated by the way that structure, function and destiny intertwine in the human being to create our states of health, ease and dis/ease and how we, as Rolfers™ may intervene to change this process towards greater levels of ease, joy and embodiment.