Michael Salveson on Rolfing® SI and Aging

Conversations with Rolfing ® Faculty: Michael Salveson on Rolfing SI and Aging.

Salveson Rolfing SI and Aging from Renaissance Media on Vimeo

Michael was trained by Dr. Rolf as a Rolfer™ (1970), Advanced Rolfer™ (1972), and Rolfing® Instructor (1974). As president of the Rolf Institute (1979-1982), with support from /dr. Georgette Delvaux D.C. and Dr. Michel Ginoulhac M.D., he taught the 2st European Rolfing® training. An Advanced Rolfing® Instructor since 1984, he taught continuously until 2011 and is now on sabbatical. In 1991, as a RISI Board member, he supported the development of Europe through an independent “satellite” which became the European Rolfing® Association e.V. . Michael’s personal love for Europe has brought him back to celebrate with us the 25th Anniversary of the organization he helped launch.

Official Michael Site: https://rolfing.org/michael-salveson/