Nicola Carofiglio

“To support, guide, and orient the transformation of my students, I draw upon my own creativity, personal artistic experience and sensibility. I consider teaching a natural process of continual evolution about leading myself home in my own body“. 

About Nicola

Certified since 2004, Nicola is also a Rolf Movement™ Practitioner (2009) and a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ (2014). Based in Bari, Italy, Nicola offers Rolfing® and Gyrotonic® sessions to clients as well as leads training workshops for ERA and is a Faculty Member of the European Rolf Movement™

Career before Rolfing®

Having originally studied dance in Italy and Germany, Nicola became a professional dancer and later, teacher and choreographer, working throughout Europe for over 25 years. Initially a ballet dancer, Nicola’s career developed to include contemporary dance, singing and acting. Each of these different forms of expression and body language afforded the developing, dissolving and evolving of new insights and intuitions. Not only has Nicola‘s career as a dancer driven his interest in achieving greater flexibility and balance, it has also allowed him the opportunity to meet and observe many artistic personalities. This has positively influenced his personal and professional development and his daily approach towards different situations, emotions, people and cultures.

A background rich in different methods of somatic education and bodywork including Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Yoga, TaiJi, Shiatzu, and Gyrotonic®(he has been an instructor since 2004), Rolfing®, in particular, attracted Nicola for its solid and subtle quality of touch, perception and attention.

“Through Rolfing® and the Gyrotonic® System, I have been able to continue exploring the profound dialogue between mind and body, discovering gradually that giving expression and shape to the creative intelligence present in our bodies is my fundamental inspiration in life.“

Nicola on his teaching method

The idea of RE-TURN is the baseline of my training. To approach learning  means letting go of attachments to what is already stored, like the exhaling and inhaling of the breathe. Any difficulties we may meet during the education are gifts that may TURN in meaningful intuitions of great value to us and of great benefit to others.

You almost cannot teach Rolfing® because you are everlasting dealing with something that is as uncertain as a waterbed…..This is the problem, to get secure in an art where there is no security. Your security comes only from relationships. If any of you think that you´re really smart enough to get up and teach Structural Integration as a secure, lecture kind of class, go to it. All kidding aside, if I can get you to a place where you recognize the security of insecurity, you will have made that first step forward.“ (Ida Rolf)

What makes a good Rolfer™?

The humbleness to disappear during the intimate growth path of the client.