Rita Geirola

Rita-GeirolaRita Geirola is a Certified Rolfer™ since 1987 and a Rolf Movement™ Practitioner since 1997. She also is an Advanced Rolfer™ since 2005. Her background are studies in the field of Physical Education and of the Mézières Method. She is Certified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 1992 and a Pilates Instructor since1998. Her main curiosity is in finding different approaches and different languages to be able to tone with individual client’s needs and resources in order to achieve a full development of their potentiality and integration. The work with Hubert Godard and Peter Levine, and point of view of M. Feldenkrais have had a deep impact on her personal and professional developement. They are also the bases of her teaching.

Rita teaches the functional aspect of Rolfing® in the Italian Pretraining, is a Rolf Movement™ Instructor for the Rolf Institute classes and workshops. She is Rolfing® Instructor for the European Modular Format and Rolf Movement™ Instructor.