Marina Blandini

Marina Blandini
Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Praxis: Catania
Adresse: Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 108 - - 95131 Catania - Italy

Marina Blandini is an Advanced Rolfer™, Rolf Movement™ practitioner, and a pedagogue of movement and dance. She has been dedicated to the study and practice of the Art of Movement for forty years. Returning to Italy in 2004 after thirty years of study and work abroad (7 years in the United States, 7 years in Brazil, and 15 in France), she established the Center for the Study of the Art of Movement in Sicily in 2007. Her work explores the body in motion through various aspects, including motor and functional education, Rolfing® structural integration and Rolf Movement®, myofascial stretching, the wisdom of martial arts, and artistic and cultural expression.

As a dance pedagogue, she has taught at the Duncan Conservatory in Prague, the University of Dance in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia, the Faculty of Music Therapy Tupinambà in São Paulo, Brazil, and for professional training programs by AFDAS in France. Since 1984, she has been teaching at the Poiesis Center for Transactional Psychotherapy in Catania.

A Rolfer™ since 2002, she has practiced Rolfing® structural integration in France, Brazil, and Italy. She received her training in Germany, studying with pioneering Rolfing® instructors such as Ray McCall, Jan Sultan, and Jim Asher, as well as with innovative researchers like Hubert Godard, Pedro Prado, Robert Schleip, and many others.

She has taken courses in Biodynamics, Craniosacral Therapy, and Psychobiology. She obtained a diploma in Reflexology using the Marquardt Method and in France, she received a diploma from the Ministry of Culture as a Professor of Contemporary Dance.

Her artistic work as a choreographer and videomaker has been acclaimed in more than twenty countries worldwide. She is mentioned in Elisa Vaccarino’s book "Le Muse dello schermo freddo" as the first Italian woman to create the art of videodance. Her films have been shown at major video festivals and in contemporary art museums and galleries.

She has always been committed to the ecological movement. She was the guest of honor at the Gaia Prize in 1989 with the performance Incorporarvore. She participated in the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia for the World ECO 1992 with the video "Damças com a Terra."

She speaks fluent English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, in addition to Italian. She also holds a qualification as a teacher of Italian for foreigners.

She receives clients in Catania, Via Vittorio Emanuele 108