What is Rolfing? And Can It Help My Surfing?

„The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, often referred to as “Rolfing®,” is a way of restructuring the body towards alignment for better organization and function. The practitioner first looks at the client standing so that he or she can “see” what is going on in your body. This is a large part of the training, as “Rolfers” don’t just work on the muscles that are hurting or restricted. They look at your spine, bones, and how the body is relating to gravity for opportunities to create more alignment and balance.

The client then lies on a “table” and massage-like manual therapy is applied. The theory behind Rolfing is that if physical structure is improved, function is improved. In particular, more fluid function. This is particularly important for surfing. And it must be done holistically, not just in one area.“

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