Rolfing targets pain and range-of-motion issues from injuries

Rolfing targets pain and range-of-motion issues from injuries“ is an interesting publication on, an Asheville online journal, where the Asheville Rolfer™ Kate Wilson tells the story of one of her most memorable clients: Sarah Patten was training for a marathon when she ran into trouble. Her stamina was fine, but she had to stop at 16 miles, unable to finish the race, because of pain in her knee…

The race was only a week away. Pulling out of the competition was a very real and daunting possibility. Having exhausted all other options, she decided to try Rolfing, a body-centered modality that releases connective tissue, as a last resort

A week later, she completed the race totally pain-free and has not had any knee pain since that session,” says Wilson. “As a result of that success, she decided to complete the ’10 series,’ [a sequence of 10 sessions] after she returned home.

That’s when the real work started.“ (…)

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Posted on October 13, 2017 by Laurie Crosswell